17th International Conference on
Information Systems Development (ISD2008)
Paphos, Cyprus
August 25-27, 2008


In order to have your paper included in the proceedings, you need to make sure that it conforms to the Springer guidelines presented in this page.

We have created a spreadsheet which provides details for each submission individually. Please consult the following URL:
         Status of camera-ready papers

What you should do is the following:

  1. Open the above URL to read the comments for your own submission
  2. Make the changes as required by the guidelines and by the "formatting comments" in the spreadsheet
  3. When you have handled the required changes, please send us an updated version of your document (as an MS-WORD file) by attaching it to an email at: isd2008@cs.ucy.ac.cy .
  4. Make sure that your changes were sufficient by checking back a few days later (in the spreadsheet at the same URL ) to see if your paper's status has changed to "OK" (Green)
We kindly ask you to handle these changes and send us an updated version of your paper by:
         Wednesday, July 30th, 2008

Formatting Guidelines (Camera Ready)

In order for accepted papers to appear in the published proceedings, authors must edit their papers to comply with the ISD2008 Springer template:

The camera-ready version of your paper should be uploaded using the MyReview system (click here).

Please note that there will be a restriction of 12 pages (maximum) for your camera-ready paper. If you exceed this limit, we may not be able to accommodate your paper in the published proceedings.

Use the bracketed number (e.g. [1]) style for references. In the past, both styles (i.e. numbers in brackets and parentheses with the author's last name followed by the year) were used. In this year's ISD however, we aim to provide a uniform way for references using the numbers in brackets style (i.e. [1]). Please make sure your papers conform to this rule.

In your revised camera-ready Microsoft Word submission, please remove all fields (e.g. auto-numbering, cross-references, captions, EndNote reference fields) as these may cause difficulties for the editors when compiling papers into a single volume.

Papers which do not comply with the specified guidelines will be returned to authors. If formatting problems are not corrected by authors, their paper will be omitted from the volume of published proceedings.

Department of Computer Science, University of Cyprus